Culturally Responsive Training


Kairo partners have extensive experience providing high quality training in a fun, engaging, educational manner.  We have approaches and tools that enhance our ability to discuss serious, and sometimes sensitive, issues in an open, respectful manner.

Community Education


Kairo partners believe that the more knowledge that a community has about key issues the more equipped it is to effectively manage differences.  Thus Kairo provides approaches and tools that can be scaled to connect with schools, organizations, and communities..

Culturally Responsive Consulting


Kairo provides quality consulting with schools, businesses, government, and community based organizations regarding issues that prevent them from functioning efficiently as a  culturally responsible organizations.

Culturally Responsive Product Development


Kairo partners are committed to providing quality services in an innovative, engaging, effective manner.  Our products are created and customized for our clients..



Our partners have extensive research experience including community based research by working with community residents to obtain input and to hear the voices of neighbors.  Also, our experience includes more traditional research and quality assurance practices.

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